The Importance of Health-Based Cleaning

How JNS can Improve Your Employee Attendance and Productivity

Employee illness can cost your business big-time, even if you don’t offer paid sick leave. Many employees will continue to work while ill out of financial necessity, working less productively while making them a hazard to the rest of your staff, as well as your clients. Employees who do take sick days aren’t contributing during that time, putting a strain on the rest of your workforce and reducing overall efficiency and productivity. Unfortunately, this is the reality that most business owners have experienced personally.   JNS believes that judging a facility’s level of cleanliness simply by aesthetic appearance is no longer the standard. We clean at the unseen microbial level, with results verifiable by measurement with scientific instruments. Our cleaning services produce impeccably clean, healthy, and safe facilities.   JNS Cleaning uses only advanced cleaning technology, such as color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths and flat mops for both efficacy and the avoidance of cross-contamination, hospital grade disinfectants, no-touch restroom cleaning for complete soil removal, and multi-filtration vacuum cleaners. We also use Eco-friendly cleaning products that while effective, maintain a safe and healthy environment for our clients. JNS Cleaning is certified in health-based cleaning as a member of the Heath-Based Cleaning Association and is Ecolab Green Seal™ Certified.   JNS Cleaning has a workforce and management team devoted and rigorously trained to provide service you can rely on for cleanliness at the microbial level. As a result, the more often your facility is serviced, the easier it will be to contain illness and avoid widespread infection. In addition, if you witness possible contamination, simply give us a call and JNS can address your concerns immediately. There is nothing more important to us than our clients.   Whether you want to increase the frequency of your service with JNS or simply request a one-time incident related service, we are more than happy to meet your demands and exceed your expectations.   <back