In the ever-changing landscape of the business world, staying ahead of the curve is essential to success. At JNS Facility Maintenance, this means redefining the standards of excellence in commercial cleaning. We recognize the role that technology plays in enhancing the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of our cleaning practices.

In addition to handling all equipment needs and maintenance, we work with you to ensure that your space is fully covered, tailoring your equipment package to your specific needs.

A More Advanced Clean

We leverage the latest in cleaning technology; from state of the art equipment to cutting edge products, we’re able to ensure that your workspace reaps the benefit of the most advanced cleaning products and methods available.

Utilizing high-efficiency equipment and processes save valuable time and allow for a faster turnaround, which in turn gives our teams more time to spend on quality control. This also means minimal disruption to your daily operations while still achieving a high standard of excellence.


Ready to experience “A More Advanced Clean” for your workspace? 

Advanced Equipment
a more advanced clean

Advanced Equipment

We partner with proven brands such as ProTeam and Tennant to source our supplies and equipment. We work with our partners to test new products constantly, ensuring that the tools we use for the job are the best.

Our equipment is HEPA-filtered and is economically friendly, keeping costs down and efficiency at its peak. This level of precision consistently elevates the cleanliness standards in your workspace.

Data Analytics

We leverage data analytics to optimize our cleaning procedures. This allows us to identify high traffic areas and opportunities for improvement, and improve schedules and scopes to allocate resources more efficiently. Our internal communication systems allow feedback and requests to be delivered efficiently and consistently. Data-driven cleaning ensures that are services are both effective and cost-efficient.

data analytics