quality assurance

Quality Assurance

When it comes to commercial cleaning, excellence isn’t an option; it’s a necessity. A clean and hygienic workspace is the cornerstone of productivity, safety, and overall well-being for both employees and customers. At JNS, we take quality assurance seriously, making it an integral  part of our commitment to delivering an exceptional experience to every client. Our quality assurance program ensures that our services consistently meet our high standards. Whether it’s a daily cleaning routine or a one-time deep cleaning project, you can expect the same meticulous attention to detail, thoroughness, and dedication every time.

The Quality Cycle

the quality cycle
Scope of Work

A specifically tailored checklist is created to meet the needs of each unique facility. This ensures that every detail is covered and all information is in one conveniently referenced document.

Data Analytics

Utilizing the latest and greatest in technology, our management team uses the data we collect and analyze in our internal reporting system to measure, track, and report on critical performance indicators. 

Quality Inspections

Our field management team not only trains our crews on how to best handle the cleaning responsibilities listed in you scope of work, but also provides continuous feedback based on frequent in-person inspections. 

Training & Development

We believe in “Start Clean, Finish Ahead”. We utilize this mantra in all levels of our organization. When we invest time and resources into proper training and instruction of our teams, we can better guarantee an exceptional level of service for our clients.


Effective and frequent communication is essential to the seamless completion of services at all stages of the quality cycle. Field management teams communicate needs and opportunities to your dedicated account mangers, who then check in with a designated contact to ensure satisfaction. ​