campus sustainability

Campus Sustainability

See how JNS Facility Maintenance helps with the University of Michigan’s zero waste initiative to recycle and compost to reduce its impact on the environment.

environmental stewardship

Elevating Environmental Stewardship with JNS Facility Maintenance

Take charge of your facility’s environmental impact with JNS’s tailored Green Cleaning program! We offer solutions that go beyond lip service, encompassing both eco-friendly products and practices. Our program ensures the safest, most efficient approach to responsible cleaning, minimizing harm to the environment without sacrificing quality. Contact us today and let’s move your facility towards a more sustainable future, together!


About 70% of the total waste generated by office buildings consists of mixed paper products.

recycling programs

Recycling Programs

We can work with you to establish a robust recycling and/or composting program within your facility, or conform to your existing recycling initiatives. We’ve worked with many facilities to create recycling and “Zero Waste” programs that works best for their specific situation. 

Green Clean Chemicals

Our JNS branded line of cleaning products includes several green options that are tried and tested for optimal performance. Combining our naturally-derived cleaning products with our unparalleled quality program is a clear choice for the green-minded facility.​

Green-Certified Paper Products

Many of our standard paper products are EcoSeal certified and meet several sustainability benchmarks and we have the ability to create a fully environmentally-conscious line of consumable products tailored to your facility.

eco conscious training

Eco-Conscious Training

We train our staff in environmentally-friendly practices and educate them on the importance of reducing their ecological footprint wherever possible in their daily work.

energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

We are conscious of energy usage, and work efficiently to make sure we’re reducing our energy footprint at your facility as well as our own offices. Our processes and equipment are designed to use minimal water and energy resources while obtaining maximum cleanliness.

resources and certifications

Helpful Resources & Certifications

JNS can help connect you to resources that allow your facility to become Green Certified by an accredited institution and assist with your Green Clean initiatives.