Our Health Based Cleaning program is a strategic investment into the well-being of your employees and your business. We don’t just clean at the surface level, we address unseen microbial contaminants that can can cause illness. Our commitment to cleanliness includes a color-coded system that effectively minimizes the risk of cross contamination and bacterial contaminants in your facility. You can benefit from The Healthy Measures Program by preventing employee sick time, reducing absenteeism, boosting employee morale, and increasing overall productivity.

Reducing the Spread of Illness

Our staff is trained to be mindful of how bacteria and viruses are transmitted and to take steps to avoid the spread of infection. We change our supplies often, use new gloves after every step, and utilize single-use products where appropriate to keep your staff and your customers as healthy as possible. We can also provide special high-touch point disinfection services or electrostatic treatments to help prevent the further spread of illness, especially after a contamination event. 


The average person touches surfaces that expose them to 840,000 germs every 30 minutes. Let us show you how our Health Based Cleaning approach can reduce the spread of bacteria!

Cleaning for Health: Focusing on the Unseen

hospital grade cleaning chemicals

Hospital-Grade Cleaning Chemicals

Our JNS-branded chemicals are EPA approved hospital-grade disinfectants. When we complete a service, you can trust that your facility will not only look clean, but will truly be a measurably healthier place. 

hygen microfiber system

HYGEN Microfiber System

We use the Hygen Microfiber System, which is designed to deliver a higher level of clean. We achieve this by eliminating dust and keeping it locked in and out of the air. Our color-coded system eliminates cross-contamination concerns to provide you with peace of mind. 

hepa filtrated vacuums

HEPA Filtrated Vacuums

We use ProTeam HEPA-filtered vacuums to trap and remove dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and any airborne particles that contribute to unhealthy environments.  HEPA vacuums are proven to reduce allergens more effectively compared to non-filtered vacuums. 

flat mop system

Flat Mop System

We utilize advanced antimicrobial flat mops in facilities with especially high risk of infection spread. Our teams in healthcare and other related facilities complete specialized training to ensure a safe environment. 

high touch point disinfecting

High-Touch Point Disinfecting

We train our team to pay special attention to high touch points in your facility to help prevent the spread of disease. We also monitor local and national health authority research to improve our methods.

no touch restroom cleaning

No-Touch Restroom Cleaning

The Kaivac restroom cleaning system is a proven way to reduce contaminants and help to prevent the spread of bacterias. Our use of the no-touch system ensures that your facility starts clean and stays clean.